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Virginia schools struggle to meet federal testing targets

Schools across the state are still struggling to meet federal accountability targets on standardized tests, according to information released today by the Virginia Department of Education.

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$1.2 million awarded to 5 prospective Milwaukee area charter schools

Statewide, 19 new charter schools will be splitting $3.8 million in planning grants to develop the structure and curriculum of their schools.

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Panel OKs Education Department to build schools

The Education Department could use federal dollars to build schools for districts that suffer traumatic events such as those in Newtown, Conn., under an agreement the Senate education panel approved Wednesday.

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Sequester Could Leave Special Education Kids Without Important Services

Teresa Armstrong is steamed. The Virginia mother of four has spent the last few weeks watching, reading and listening to politicians argue about the country's finances but fail to reach a deal to prevent impending across-the-board cuts to federal spending. She doesn't understand how they can bicker endlessly while the consequences for her daughter, Angela, hang in the balance.

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Rubio Wants Ed Reform, Scott Proposes Teacher Raise

Rubio-Style Reform? Republican rising star Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said Thursday that lawmakers must pay more attention to the "skills gap" between existing jobs and the lack of qualified employees to fill them, reports The Hill. Speaking at the Chamber of Commerce, Rubio said of education, "because it's not controversial, it's not getting nearly enough attention as it needs to be getting."

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Mr. Obama, Here's How to Become the Education President

President Obama has defined education as a cornerstone of his legacy as president. He draws upon rich historical traditions such as the GI Bill that broadened education from classical and professional training to an expectation for most Americans.

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Fiscal Cliff Would Lead to Major Cuts for N.Y. Schools

New York schools would lose $164 million in federal funding for the 2013-14 school year if Congress does not find compromise on the nation’s looming “fiscal cliff,” according to a state School Boards Association analysis.

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Fiscal Cliff: Ky. Education, Schools Could Take Major Hit

Spending reductions caused by the fiscal cliff would be devastating for Kentucky’s public schools, officials say. According to the Kentucky Department of Education, federal funding for public schools would be reduced up to $61 mil­lion per year for the next 10 years, affecting more than 1,350 jobs and nearly 130,000 students. Higher education officials in Kentucky and Indiana also are warily eying the fiscal cliff talks.

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Anxious N.Y. Parents See Proposed Redrawn School Boundaries

The New York City Education Department proposed new boundaries Wednesday night for some of Brooklyn’s most-sought-after elementary school zones, drawing anxious parents to an auditorium to see the new map for the first time.

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Education, Health Spending Outgrowing GDP

Public expenditure on education at 19 percent and health at 17.5 percent grew faster than GDP which expanded at 15.3 percent during the period between 2003-04 and 2010-11, rating agency Crisil said in a note today.

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