flipped classrooms

Maximizing PLC time to flip your class

Collaboration is key to improving professional skills

The Foundations of Flipped Learning

A blended professional development course with self-paced online modules, The Foundations of Flipped Learning provides all-day onsite training followed by two remote mentoring sessions. The program is based on the four pillars of FLIP: flexible environments, learning culture, intentional content, and professional educators.

Flipped classes boost grades 5 percent. Is that all we can expect?

Classrooms across the nation are adopting a new technology trend known as the “flipped” classroom, where students watch lecture videos as homework and teachers use class-time for discussion. First popularized by YouTube sensation Sal Khan three years ago, the flipped model gained traction far faster than researchers had time to study it.

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St. Louis education tech startup looking to raise $1 million

Crazy For Education, the flip teaching platform that’s free for teachers and students, is looking to raise $1 million. The company plans to sell its existing library to as many as a million students worldwide. That projection would give Crazy For Education about $60 million per year in revenue.

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