After layoffs, Philly schools still hiring

In June, with no funding in sight, Philadelphia School District officials laid off 3,859 district employees, saying the district couldn't afford to pay their salaries anymore. Nonetheless, district officials are still hiring, prompting questions about staff priorities.

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Michigan governor declares financial emergency in district with $38M deficit

The declaration will set in motion a process that could end with drastic options that include bankruptcy or an emergency manager.

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Three Utah schools raise money for iPads and HDTVs

The state gifted digital gear to three schools last year, but this year’s candidates had to provide half the cost, or about $740 per student. For schools that succeeded in raising their share, the funding will be spent on high-definition TVs, more computers, teacher training, and swift wireless networks.

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Budget cuts mean more fees for students

Districts requiring parents to pay fees for their children’s textbooks, lab materials, and after-school activities
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After scandals, Utah auditor to schools: You’re being watched

School districts and charter schools were put on notice this week: Be ready for an audit of how you handle donations, fundraising and advertising for sports, clubs and other activities.

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Wash. state lawmakers may add year to ed reform payments

Some Washington state lawmakers wonder if they may be able to take an extra year to phase in billions more dollars for education funding reform, as ordered by the state Supreme Court.

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The Chicago schools budget crisis is here

The CPS money crisis is here and — despite district officials' hopes and vows — it will hit students and classrooms.

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Pennsylvania House approves $45 million more for Philly's schools

The Pennsylvania House passed a bill Monday that directs $45 million in additional state aid to Philadelphia's cash-starved schools, but only under certain conditions.

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United Arab Emirates giving to Sandy-hit New Jersey schools

Thirty public schools impacted by superstorm Sandy will receive $4.5 million from the United Arab Emirates, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced Monday.

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Beware, Colorado 'education' tax hike might not actually do much for schools

Politicians, including Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, want voters in November to approve a massive, historic and permanent billion-dollar-a-year tax increase that will raise income tax rates of middle-class wage earners from 4.63 percent to as high as 5.9 percent.

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