States Strengthening Charter Laws, Report Says

Iowa Senate Passes 4 Percent School Funding Increase for Fiscal 2015

Majority Democrats in the Iowa Senate voted Thursday to approve a 4 percent increase in state aid for K12 public school districts for the fiscal 2015 budget year.

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Montana District Seeks Bond to Replace 42-Year-Old Roof

Polson (Mont.) Superintendent Linda Reksten says the 42-year-old roof at Polson High School has to be fixed. “There is no other option,” Reksten says, but it will be up to School District 23 voters whether they’ll pay for it. No one else is going to. Ballots seeking a yea-or-nay vote on a nearly $2.5 million debt service bond were mailed out Feb. 5.

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Connecticut Parents Want School Money Spent on Technology

Darien parents urged the Board of Education not to cut spending for school technology at a public hearing Tuesday. "Technology is an integral part of the learning that goes on each day in our schools," said Susan Vogel, co-chair of the Council of Darien School Parents.

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Ed Tech Nonprofit Launches with Gates, Carnegie Support

With some major names behind it as funders and advisors, the new nonprofit inBloom aims “to make personalized learning a reality for every U.S. student by improving the effectiveness, variety, and affordability of education technology.”

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Topeka Schools Pan Plan to Change 'At-Risk' Funding

Topeka USD 501 superintendent Julie Ford weighed in on a legislative proposal to ax extra funding for students from low-income families Tuesday, saying it would cost her district dearly.

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Iowa City Schools Campaign Seeks $2M for Technology

A $2 million campaign will try to get 21st century technology in every classroom in the Iowa City school district.

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Fla. Public Schools Lose Millions to Crooks, Cheaters

There is a large problem with mandated tutoring in Florida: The program pays public money to people with criminal records, and to cheaters and profiteers who operate virtually unchecked by state regulators.

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California Schools Finance Upgrades by Making the Next Generation Pay

School officials in Santa Ana were in a bind several years ago: they wanted to build hundreds of new classrooms, but feared that voters would rebel against tax increases to pay for the construction.

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Improving Schools Isn't Easy, and It's Certainly Not Cheap

Running a school isn’t easy or cheap--and it’s especially difficult if you try to do it on the approximately $6,000 per student that Nevada provides to public and charter schools.

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