Assessing blame for failing St. Louis schools

The current mess involving unaccredited school districts threatening to send bus-loads of children to school districts where they will be unwelcome is as much about the failure of our political system as it is the failure of our educational system.

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Money for NYC charter schools balloons during Mayor Bloomberg's tenure

Charter school funding, set by the state, has risen from about $32 million to about $659 million over a decade as the mayor increased their number.

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Districts in Madison County (Ala.) to build $297 million in new, renovated schools

City, county and school officials on Monday announced a combined capital plan that will bring $297 million in new and renovated schools to Huntsville, Madison and Madison County.

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Michigan schools chief proposes consolidating services to save districts money

Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan outlined a hybrid proposal for countywide school operations to be run by existing intermediate school districts in a report to the chairmen of the House and Senate K-12 education appropriations committees.

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Bankrupt in Philadelphia: Could this happen to your school district?

The Philadelphia district has been in trouble for 10 years. But such dire financial straits could occur in any U.S. school district as the influence of charter schools mixed with funding cuts for traditional public schools combine for a perfect storm of financial distress.

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Federal sequestration will cost Ohio schools $66 million, state says

Federal budget cuts known as the sequester will cost Ohio's school districts about $66 million in federal aid for the 2013-14 school year, the Ohio Department of Education announced Monday.

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Parents, community members to have new responsibility for Oakland (Calif.) schools

Oakland residents, particularly parents of students in Oakland public schools and elected board of education officials, will have a lot more responsibility about the education being delivered in Oakland schools starting this September than they have for the past three decades.

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Tennessee county uses solar energy to fund education

Finding funding for education is not easy for many school districts, but Campbell County has come up with an interesting way to make some cash. All 12 of Campbell County schools now have 50-kilowatt solar system installed on the roof of the buildings.

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Miami-Dade to ensure every student has digital device by 2015

Each of Miami-Dade’s 350,000 public school students will have access to a digital device by 2015, according to a plan approved by the Miami-Dade School Board. Board members unanimously endorsed the proposal by Superintendent Alberto Carvalho to lease more than 100,000 devices, which will be paid off over a period of up to six years.

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Broward County (Fla.) schools face major technology crisis

Broward schools are falling behind when it comes to technology and there's not much they can do about it. The School Board's capital budget pays for technology, transportation, and large construction projects. But with only $35 million to fix a growing number of deteriorating schools, replace an aging bus fleet, and secure school campuses, there's not much left for computer upgrades.

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