Massachusetts Officials to Request Technology Funding at Meeting

Easton (Mass.) school officials will take their request for technology funding to the Town Meeting floor this spring. The school committee approved a measure Friday that will allow Superintendent Michael Green to draft a Town Meeting Warrant article that could ask for up to $250,000 in technology funding.

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Finding Newark Schools' Millions

The recent resignation of Greg Taylor from his position as president and CEO of the Foundation for Newark’s Future has set tongues wagging throughout New Jersey’s education community.

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Small S.D. Schools Connect To Survive

An "integrated schools” model calls for fewer teachers and administrators and larger class sizes, made possible by uniform schedules and interactive classroom technology that links students and teachers in different towns.

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Football Returns To Tacoma Middle Schools After 26-Year Absence

When the school district switched from seventh-through-ninth grade junior highs to sixth-through-eighth grade middle schools in 1987, all sports for middle schools were eliminated. That changed last September when new funding generated by the sale of advertising on district sports scoreboards and rebates from some vendors made an enhanced sports program possible.

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Pay to Play

More districts forced to ask parents to foot the bill for sports.

Athletics for All

Providing opportunities for students of all abilities.

Attleboro (Mass.) Schools Pull Out of Math, Science Initiative

Attleboro schools are ending their formal partnership with the Massachusetts Math and Science Initiative which brought broader student participation in advanced courses at the high school over the last four years.

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Sequester Cuts Already Hitting Minn. Reservation Schools

Students on reservations are being affected earlier than most -- Head Start, adult education programs expect reduced funding.

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Ohio State Tests Require Computers Some Schools Can't Afford

Ohio public schools appear to be far short of having enough computers to have all their students take new state-mandated tests within a four-week period beginning in the 2014-15 school year.

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