global competition

Thirty Years Later: A Nation Still at Risk?

This April marks the 30th anniversary of the controversial Reagan-era report “A Nation at Risk”—and little has changed since.

U.S. Lags in International Education Assessments

Escaping Monolingualism

Audio translation websites and tools enhance language learning.

Digital skills and content enhance 1:1 implementation helps Oklahoma district provide 21st century education

Geography Skills Become Essential in the Job Market

What Can U.S. Schools Learn from Foreign Counterparts?

China, Finland and Singapore are creating stronger students—and finally inspiring American educators to take action.

Looking Beyond the Border

Some forward thinking programs are in place to better educate U.S. students using the best practices of countries who students routinely outperform us.

Lessons From Abroad

Gene R. Carter, executive director and CEO of ASCD.

Books for District Leaders

How America Can Improve—And Compete—With High-Achieving Countries

The National Center on Education and Economy released a report that outlines key aspects of other educational systems worldwide that are outperforming the U.S.