global competition

U.S. Lags in International Education Assessments

Escaping Monolingualism

Audio translation websites and tools enhance language learning.

U.S. Schools Moving Up International Rankings

Results from a pair of new international assessments released today show that American kids are holding their own in math, reading and other subjects. In a few cases, they're actually bypassing the rest of the world.

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What We Can Learn from Finland's Education System

We've all heard plenty about how students in several Asian nations continually outperform their U.S. counterparts on international tests for science, reading, and — especially — math. There is only one Western nation near the top of those rankings year after year, and Finland is an intriguing case.

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School Evaluations Should Have a Clear Letter Grade

Ohio’s employers keep a vigilant eye on Ohio’s education system, because that is where the future employees of our companies are being educated. Right now, our companies have thousands of openings they cannot fill because they cannot find young people with adequate educational background and training. This gap has huge consequences for our state.

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Digital skills and content enhance 1:1 implementation helps Oklahoma district provide 21st century education

Korean Educators Take a Look at Maryland Schools

Jina Shin, a South Korean schools budget analyst in the U.S. for three weeks of study, stood in a schoolyard among a boisterous crowd of children, teachers and parents at dismissal. The end of the school day at St. Mark's School in Catonsville is fairly typical of most in terms of noise, enthusiasm and organization.

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Geography Skills Become Essential in the Job Market

What Can U.S. Schools Learn from Foreign Counterparts?

China, Finland and Singapore are creating stronger students—and finally inspiring American educators to take action.

Looking Beyond the Border

Some forward thinking programs are in place to better educate U.S. students using the best practices of countries who students routinely outperform us.