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Va. County Schools Post 91.4 Percent Graduation Rate

Figures released by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) show that 91.4 percent of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) students from the class of 2011 graduated on time.

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New Orleans Schools Continue Climb, Even as Letter Grades Point Out Work to be Done

School performance scores in New Orleans continued their steady climb this year, even as Louisiana's new letter grade system kicked in for the first time and slapped a majority of the city's schools with a D or worse, underscoring how far New Orleans will still need to go before it achieves a top-rated public education system. 

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Maryland Reports Highest Graduation Rate in 15 Years

Maryland's public schools are graduating a higher percentage of students than they have in the past 15 years but they have seen a troubling increase in the number of students dropping out.

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Memphis City Schools Will Merge After a Landmark Vote

Memphis (Tenn.) City Schools will forfeit its charter after a landmark vote in the city on March 8 mandated the district allow Shelby County—its neighboring suburban district—to regain control of its school system.

Black Children Still Left Behind

Educators seek new strategies to address persistent achievement gaps and discrimination against African-American students.

Voucher Programs Losing Steam in School Choice Debate

Tuition voucher program support has been withering under the Obama administration as it phases out the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.

Using Data to Reach Mobile Students

Western Heights (Okla.) Public Schools

Improving Graduation Rates with an Innovative Rewards Program

Sunnyside (Ariz.) Unified School District Superintendent Manuel L. Isquierdo motivates students through technology.

The Moxie of Kathy Cox

Georgia's superintendent of schools is a controversial educator who won $1 million on a television show, attempted to tinker with science education and has advanced teacher training.

Reaching Graduation with Credit Recovery

Districts provide the latest programs to help failing students succeed.