green schools

Not Your Grandparents' Vocational School

A green wave is making an impact on what students are learning and where they’re headed.

Give Wood a Chance

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High Schools Go Green to Save Some Green

Schools may be closed for summer vacation, but they aren't getting a break from funding cuts. In fact, lawmakers in many state capitals aren't arguing over whether to trim education funding, but how much to cut.

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Getting Lessons on Water by Designing a Playground

The sixth graders at Stephen A. Halsey Junior High School 157 in Queens have a tough assignment before them: design a new playground that will transform a sea of black asphalt at their school into a recreational oasis — and, while they are at it, help clean up New York City’s waterways.

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Kansas City’s Green Machines

How Kansas City Schools partnered with its city to purchase 47 clean energy buses.

Daylighting Increases Productivity

Green Literacy K1 School Supports Reading Success

The Springfield (Pa.) Literacy Center has won six awards for sustainability and is LEED certified.