Computer recycling: What school CIOs need to know

Electronic devices represent the fastest-growing part of the world’s waste stream

Magic Touch

Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac software, this add-on touch screen kit converts any standard monitor or notebook computer into a touch-interactive device. Often used as an assistive technology tool for students with special needs, Magic Touch can be controlled by fingers, gloved hands, or a stylus, and also can be used with a mouse.

Perfecta 2400

This full-color, poster-design system was developed exclusively for schools and comes with a scanner, printer stand, and educationally-relevant templates and graphics. Teachers and administrators can use the Perfecta 2400 to post academic standards, test scores, infographics, event information, and academic achievements on school walls.

The global ed tech market will be worth $59.9 billion in 2018

With rapid, relentless and continuous advancement in technology, the requirements of students and teachers are also undergoing a tremendous change. The report "Education Technology and Smart Classroom Market: Worldwide Market Forecasts and Analysis (2013-2018)," defines and segments the global ed tech market.

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Midland Park Education Foundation Donates $40K

Interwrite Boards installed in 24 school classrooms are the latest gift of the Midland Park Public Education Foundation. The interactive boards were installed during the summer recess as part of the foundation's ongoing effort to support new curriculum initiatives and enrichment opportunities.

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Amazon Looks to Get Kindle to Schools, Workers

Amazon.com Inc. has launched a service to help schools and workplaces manage Kindles used by students and employees, sending out e-books or blocking certain types of activities, for example.

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Enabling digital citizenship programs within your district’s network infrastructure

A District Administration Web Seminar Digest • Originally Presented on August 14, 2012

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