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LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk

A hand lever on the LearnFit allows students to change the height of their desktops so they can work and collaborate standing or sitting—whichever is more natural to them. LearnFit also can be moved easily on its rollers to reconfigure classrooms for small-group breakouts. It can hold up to 15 pounds of laptops or other equipment.

A new twist on concentration: Standing while you work

Standing desks are now used in hundreds of schools nationwide

Districts ban e-cigarettes in schools

Between 2011 and 2012, the percentage of high school students who reported using an e-cigarette rose from roughly 5 percent to 10 percent


NanoSeptic products have surfaces that kill bacteria, viruses, and funguses. Standard products include door push pads and handle wraps for public area doorways, and snack/desk mats for the classroom. NanoSeptic can customize to a school’s environment and needs.

Children’s nutrition is a school-parent collaboration

Administrators can drive the change to healthy eating.

Mental health clinics move to schools

Walking Buses Gain Speed

Nutrition and Schools

Guidelines, what works and inspired ideas in action.

Fighting Student Obesity with ‘Fat Letters’

Let’s Move! Moves to Schools