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Pa. District Won’t Renew Charter for Growing School

District Health Solutions Pay Off

Can K12 Get What Medicine Is Getting?

A shot of incentives for education is needed.

Had a Little Rooster by the Barnyard Gate...

Pets in the Classroom aims to foster healthy pet-child relationships in students in elementary and middle school.

New Software Helps Manage Food Allergies

One Colorado district adopted a software system that details the ingredients of every meal served at every school.

A Strong Leader Touts Physical Fitness

EdVantages’ and Performance Academies’ founder stresses the values of fitness, as well as back to basics curriculum, to address the whole child.

Health Experts Warn Against Students Consuming Caffeinated Energy Drinks

National health associations warn that energy drinks can be hazardous, particularly among student athletes.

Students Drive Overhaul of School Lunch

Students in Niles Township High School District 219 in Skokie, Ill. play big role in organic lunch program.