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The top 5 myths about farm-to-school programs

One of the most promising models for changing the way we feed kids is known as "farm-to-school," and it involves connecting schools with fresh, locally grown food and food and agriculture education opportunities. But there are still some common misconceptions. Here are the top 5 myths about farm-to-school.

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Mental health clinics move to schools

Students in Washington schools need nurses

Six minutes was too late. Ten-year-old Mercedes Mear’s heart had already stopped beating and she wasn’t breathing when Pierce County medics arrived on Oct. 7, 2008. No one in her elementary school knew CPR, or that the medication that might have saved her life, an EpiPen, was kept in the health room where she died, with her name clearly marked on the label.

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Most public elementary schools don't regulate access to junk food

More than three-quarters of the nation’s public elementary schools face no state or district limits on the sale of sugary drinks, candy or salty snacks, according to a survey.

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Don’t let new school junk food rules get derailed

Imagine this: You are a 15 year-old standing in front of a school vending machine, getting ready to satisfy the snack craving you've had since first period. But lo and behold, instead of cookies and chips, every one of the slots behind the glass contains the same healthy stuff your mom and dad fill the cabinets with at home. That vision could soon be a nationwide reality, thanks to updated nutrition standards from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Washington district considers adding dozens of shorter school days

Kent school district is the latest Western Washington district that is considering replacing dozens of full school days with partial days. At a meeting this week, administrators and teachers voiced strong support for the move.

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Some Ill. schools breaking medical law protecting young diabetics

It’s serious allegation, made by health care professionals: Many schools in the Chicago area are not obeying one Illinois law, and that could be putting some students in jeopardy.

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Walking Buses Gain Speed

Florida Schools Consider Shift in Elementary P.E. Schedules

More elementary schools in Pinellas County could be cutting back on physical education classes next school year to make sure students and teachers get more out of class time.

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Coffee Bistros Turning Up in Some Texas Schools

School officials say cafes create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere where students can study or work on group projects during school hours.

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