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Let’s Move! Moves to Schools

Atlanta Schools Honored for Serving Locally Grown Food

The Fulton County School System was one of only 25 school systems in the state to be awarded the "Golden Radish" for its commitment to serving locally grown foods in its school cafeterias over the past two years.

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Condition of Trenton (N.J.) High School Shocks Other School Districts

Parents, staff and students from school districts across the state — Trenton, Camden, Irvington, Gloucester City — shared horror stories of broken windows, collapsing roofs and choking mold in dilapidated schools at a meeting yesterday of the state Schools Development Authority.

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School's Transgender Ruling: Fairness or Discrimination?

A Colorado school's ruling over a transgender child has sparked questions that could affect schools all over the country. Which bathroom should be used by a child who identifies as a different gender from his or her body? Where's the line between accommodation and discrimination? At what point is a child old enough for that to even be an issue?

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AASA Highlights Improvements in School Air Quality

The American Association of School Administrators (AASA) has launched a new website, IAQ in Practice, to highlight school districts that have successfully improved air quality in their buildings.

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Walmart Foundation Expands Funding to AASA for School Breakfasts

The American Association of School Administrators (AASA) today announced a new two-year, multimillion dollar grant from the Walmart Foundation to expand the number of districts who serve already eligible children breakfast at school.

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Colorado Health Department Investigates School Lunch Bugs

Colorado Springs health officials are investigating after students at a high school in Colorado Springs found bugs in their school lunch. Students say they were eating lunch Wednesday when they saw the bugs in their soup. The students at Harrison High School began throwing their lunches in the garbage.

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Feds Propose Ban on Chips, Candy from Schools

The U.S. Department of Agriculture submitted a proposal, congruent with first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to combat childhood obesity, that will essentially ban unhealthy foods from schools nationwide.

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Federal Proposal Targets School Snacks

The Agriculture Department is proposing new rules that would blacklist high-calorie drinks, fatty chips and sugary snack cakes sold in vending machines or in lunch lines.

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