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Philadelphia School District (PA) Reopens Some Full-Service Cafeterias

Asked to describe the quality of her school cafeteria's food last year, Sophia Santiago wrinkled her nose.

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Grants Helping Ga. Schools with Fitness and Nutrition

Georgia health officials have announced North Hall Middle School, Chestnut Mountain Creative School of Inquiry and Black's Mill Elementary School in Dawsonville are among 21 schools that have gotten state grants to help fight childhood obesity.

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Study Finds Healthy Snacks Still Limited In Some U.S. Schools

U.S. school children searching for a healthy snack at school - perhaps an apple or some celery sticks - may find that a bag of potato chips is much easier to come by, a report released on Thursday said.

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Should Schools Close During Bad Flu Outbreaks?

A new U.S. government study suggests that during a serious flu epidemic, closing schools can keep people - especially kids - out of the ER.

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Greenville High Students Take Stance Against Lunch

Some seniors at Greenville High School are banding together to make a difference so students don’t feel hungry due to new food regulations. New requirements headed by first lady Michelle Obama and members of Congress went into effect across the nation this school year.

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Oklahoma Board of Ed Releases School Grades

More than 90 percent of schools across the state of Oklahoma received a grade of C or higher, with nearly 50 percent receiving a B.

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School 'Hand Hygiene' Plan Shows No Asthma Benefit

An arsenal of hand sanitizers, hygiene education and good old-fashioned soap failed to prevent asthma attacks among school children in one Alabama county.

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Montgomery County to Consider Later Start Times for High Schools

Montgomery County Public Schools will consider implementing later start times for its high schools following a push from parents, Superintendent Joshua Starr said Wednesday.

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People Watch

Report: Most Wash. School Kitchens Clean, Safe

School cafeteria kitchens in Washington serve about 500,000 lunches a day. Given that volume, you might expect school kitchens to rack up a fair number of health department violations.

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