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Montgomery County to Consider Later Start Times for High Schools

Montgomery County Public Schools will consider implementing later start times for its high schools following a push from parents, Superintendent Joshua Starr said Wednesday.

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Report: Most Wash. School Kitchens Clean, Safe

School cafeteria kitchens in Washington serve about 500,000 lunches a day. Given that volume, you might expect school kitchens to rack up a fair number of health department violations.

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Washington School Children Participate in Earthquake Drill

Emergency planners in Washington estimate as many as 700,000 people participated in an earthquake drill on Thursday morning.

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Boy Banned from School for Carrying Cystic Fibrosis Gene

A California boy has been ordered to transfer to another middle school because he carries the genetic mutations for cystic fibrosis – even though his doctors and parents maintain he does not have the incurable, non-infectious disease, the San Francisco Gate reported.

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Schools Get Creative so Kids Eat Greens

Kids can be finicky when it comes to filling up on fruits and veggies - “they don’t taste right, they taste funny,” said 13-year-old Kiondre Andino - but sometimes the best way to get picky eaters to eat is to have them pick and grow the food themselves.

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Schools Take Aim at Popular Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

School districts in California and New Mexico are trying to ban the popular snack food Flamin’ Hot Cheetos because they say it is a health hazard to students.

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N.H. School Board Member Wonders: Are Healthy Lunches Backfiring in City Schools?

A member of the Board of School Committee said serving healthier meals at lunch is driving students to eat more junk food just to fill up.

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Company Gives Schools 'Healthy Makeovers' to Help Combat Child Obesity

Child obesity rates have more than tripled over the past 30 years, putting kids at risk of developing conditions that typically only affect adults – such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

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Connecticut Town School Bus Drivers Mull Medical Training

Branford, CT school officials are asking its school bus contractor to see if drivers can be trained to use emergency equipment if a student is having an extreme allergic reaction.

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