Administrators can use iPads to measure the performance of students and teachers through interactive lessons. The thousands of education-specific apps available for iPad can be used to download textbooks, play educational games and watch videos.

How school districts are funding 1-to-1

Options include bond issues, grants and reshuffling budgets

The Educator Case for iPad

This case has a snap-in, hard plastic back to protect the corners and the back of the iPad. An adjustable hand strap on the back of the case prevents strain on a teacher’s hand when holding an iPad for long periods of time. A swivel base allows users to turn the iPad 360 degrees and view the device at the most comfortable angle.


iPads are used by educators to deliver interactive lessons and by administrators to measure the performance of students and teachers. The thousands of education-specific apps available for iPad can be used to download textbooks, play educational games, and watch videos.

Los Angeles schools learn lessons from hacked iPads

District may enlist student hackers to help improve security on iPads

Schools complain iOS 7 upgrade stripped filters from students’ iPads

Apple’s iOS 7 was supposed to make it easier for schools to manage the iPads that are becoming increasingly common in the classroom. But for some, the latest version of the mobile operating system is proving to be a bit of a headache.

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Tech titan's high-grade gift to San Francisco middle schools

Some months ago, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and schools Superintendent Richard Carranza met with Salesforce.com founder Marc Benioff to ask the tech titan for some financial support to boost access to technology in the city's 12 middle schools. It was a gutsy plea—enough to buy hundreds of iPads, provide wireless access in classrooms, and leave enough extra to train teachers to use all of it well.

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Mayor's Youth Council launches mindfulness campaign in Minnesota district

Campaign introduces mindfulness to students, or the intentional thought of how actions may affect ourselves and others and the ability to evaluate our choices.

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Iowa schools are enhancing learning experience for 'digital natives'

Willowwind School is going mobile. The private Iowa City school is piloting a new program this year where every fifth- and sixth-grade student has an iPad. Families purchased the devices themselves and students use them at home and at school on a daily basis.

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