Flexbooks help Georgia district keep up with math mandates

Henry County Schools spent just over $100,000 to have iPads for all students in each math classroom in grades 3 through 10

iPads benefit learning across all subjects

Visit the classrooms of Burlington High School in the Burlington (Mass.) Public School District and you’ll see the school’s two-year-old 1-to-1 iPad initiative in action. Students' efforts range from taking notes in Evernote to translating first-aid terms for a Spanish lesson to rehearsing with the Garage Band app in music class.

iPads expand time and space in schools

More schools using iPads and other tablets to break down traditional learning barriers
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More Michigan schools giving kids iPads to make the most of apps

Michigan school districts have joined the legion of schools across the country investing heavily to integrate Apple’s lightweight, user-friendly tablet into everyday lessons.

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Missouri high school switches textbooks for iPad minis

Battle High School (Columbia, Mo.) staff ordered about 1,100 iPad Minis for incoming students to use instead of textbooks. District officials touted the savings of the technology over the cost of textbooks as one of the benefits of the move to digital.

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Los Angeles plans to give 640,000 students free iPads

Students in the Los Angeles Unified School District will receive 31,000 free iPads this school year under a new $30 million program launched by the district. But that's only the initial phase of the program.

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"Walls to Windows" immerses students in technology

Westfield (N.J.) Public Schools planning to create connected, collaborative learning community

How one Indiana district is managing its growing one-to-one program

East Allen County Schools made a push to put an iPad in the hands of every student, doubling the number of digital devices in the district. No technology staff were added, just miles of cable and a wireless access point in every classroom.

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Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust awards 18 grants

The Central High Public Schools (Marlow, Okla.) plans to purchase 60 iPads and much more thanks to a $40,000 grant it recently received from the Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust. Central High is one of 18 districts to receive a grant.

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Radical reform: iPad schools seek to transform education

Plenty of schools use iPads. But what if the entire education experience were offered via tablet computer? That is what several new schools in the Netherlands plan to do. There will be no blackboards or schedules. Is this the end of the classroom?

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