Apple Ups Ore. School's Enthusiasm and Test Scores

iPads ready and headphones in place, Elizabeth Docken's fifth-grade class is in position for the hunt.

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La Center Schools (Wash.) Plug Into the Future

A hushed air hung over Rhea Heaton's first-period Spanish class at La Center High School, as students took an end-of-the-week quiz Friday. Light murmurs of students asking questions mingled with the gentle tapping of fingertips on illuminated screens.

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McGraw Hill Exec: iPad Mini May not be Best for Education

Amid the unveiled alongside the iPad Mini at an event on Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook also brought up Apple’s leading role in education, highlighting the fact that the older full-size iPad had already been adopted by 2,500 classrooms around the U.S. in the two and a half years since it was first introduced.

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With New iPads, Apple Targets Education Opportunity

For Apple's iPad and its tablet rivals, there are three major markets:

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Educators Use iPad as Teaching Tool

Julie Garcia handed Apple iPads to students in her seventh-grade pre-algebra class on a recent morning before showing the pupils how to use the tablet to graph data, hunt for correlations and record how-to videos.

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iPads (and tablets) in K12: When Will We Get it Together?

An interview with John Martellaro over at The Mac Observer, an Apple focused e-zine, has Christopher Dawson of ZDnet Education thinking ... why can't we get this right?

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Connecticut's St. Mary's School Deploys iPads

At first glance, it could have been any other first-grade class: Teacher Sheri Jehnings held up a book, read a passage, and told her students to illustrate and record a response. But instead of fanning out to desks or grabbing markers and paper, the first-graders pulled out their sleek new iPads, opened Educreations and began tapping out their thoughts on the screen.

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iPad Overtakes PC in Education Market Share

Market data in the June quarter showed with certainty for the first time ever that Apple's iPad is replacing sales of traditional PCs to schools and students, according to one analysis.

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CurriculumLoft Releases iPad app for Remote Content Syncing

CurriculumLoft introduces its iPad app for syncing digital curriculum content to student devices, which has been approved for download on the iTunes market and will be available for the upcoming school year.

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Want Increased Student Achievement Using iPads?

Don’t settle for just a few good apps.