Using Tablets and Google for Education to Support Early Elementary Learning

The right mix of technology and activities can help to establish foundational skills in grades K-3


These laptops from Google boot up in seconds and have batteries designed to last all day. Chromebooks give students access to a world of information and educational tools through the web and the thousands of educator-approved apps, books and videos in Google Play for Education. The web-based management console allows administrators to configure and manage Chromebooks for a student, school or district.


This lightweight laptop is equipped with popular Google products including Search, Gmail, YouTube, and Hangouts. Students and teachers can choose from thousands of free, additional apps for education, and let Chromebook keep everything fresh with automatic updates. Users can access their photos, music, videos, and assignments from anywhere using the GoogleDrive cloud service.

Senseye Activates Mobile Devices With Just One Look

New technology that uses one’s eyes to activate the screen, scroll through Web pages and play games makes its debut.

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