NCLB waivers granted to Alaska, Hawaii, West Virginia by Education Department

Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced on Monday that three more states would join the ranks of those given permission to ignore parts of the federal No Child Left Behind law in favor of their own school improvement plans.

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Paddling Makes Comeback in Florida Schools

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Jindal Pre-K Education Overhaul Approved by Louisiana House Panel

Legislation backed by Gov. Bobby Jindal to enforce new accountability standards for early childhood education programs passed Wednesday in the House Education Committee, putting it only two steps away from becoming state law.

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Charter Schools: A Skeptical Look

Charter schools are operated by many types of organizations with many different orientations. But many tend to espouse a “boot camp” type of ideology, offering long days, lots of homework, intense studying, and tests, tests, tests.

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Mississippi Prepares New Push on Education

Leaders of the city in the impoverished Delta region — known as the crossroads of the blues where Robert Johnson once lived — hope improved education will help stanch a hemorrhaging population that now stands at 18,000.

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Independent Hearing Officers Oppose Plans to Close 13 Chicago Schools

Independent hearing officers enlisted to review plans to close 53 Chicago Public Schools at the end of the school year have opposed at least 13 of the proposed closings.

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Repeal of Louisiana Science Education Act Fails

The Louisiana state Senate Education Committee rejected a move to repeal the state's Science Education Act on Wednesday, handing a defeat to opponents who have criticized the law for essentially allowing the teaching of creationism in science class.

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National Education Fight Likely to Split Lawmakers

Democratic senators from rural areas are seeking a rewrite of the No Child Left Behind law to give their constituents a better chance of competing for federal funding, a touchy subject among politicians. A debate over education policy will likely split lawmakers along the same regional lines that divided them during the recent debate over gun control legislation.

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N.J.'s Poor Districts Have Limited Role Designing New Schools, Court Rules

New Jersey's poorest school districts cannot design or acquire land for any new schools to be bankrolled by the state, an appeals court ruled today, dealing a setback to advocacy groups pushing for more local control.

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Legislation to Enhance K12 Student Achievement

A new bill in the House of Representatives would allocate $750 million toward new equipment, teacher training, and competitive grants for K12 classrooms, all aimed at increasing education technology in U.S. schools to improve college enrollment rates.

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