lunch programs

Urban schools team up to serve greener, healthier lunches

Big districts banding together to buy biodegradable trays made of sugar cane

Meals Plus

Made for PCs, this school cafeteria management software can be used during point-of-sale to identify students on free or reduced-price lunch programs. It includes features such as menu planning, nutrient analysis, and financial management. The system also manages food and supply inventory.

Children’s nutrition is a school-parent collaboration

Administrators can drive the change to healthy eating.

Nutrition and Schools

Guidelines, what works and inspired ideas in action.

Replacing Lunch Money with Hand Scanners

Healthy Lunch Backlash

Students Drive Overhaul of School Lunch

Students in Niles Township High School District 219 in Skokie, Ill. play big role in organic lunch program.

The Wholesome Chef

Jim Rowan, food service director of two northwest school districts, on feeding students quality meals