magnet schools

Magnet schools make a comeback

Districts rejuvenate specialized, themed programs to promote student success

New Haven magnet school to cut classes in light of deficit

Two weeks before the start of school, dozens of students have learned their classes have been eliminated. Officials from the New Haven School District said the Microsociety Magnet School's 6th, 7th, and 8th grades have been cut because of a $3 million deficit and students affected must begin a new school year at a different school.

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Southern Florida parents pushing for closer arts magnet school

Parents in Palm Beach County (Fla.) are fighting for an arts magnet middle school. Right now, students in elementary school programs there would have to travel an hour each way to West Palm Beach to stay in the program when they reach middle-school age.

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Ohio Bio-Med Science Academy introduces rural students to science ed

Located on the Northeast Ohio Medical University campus, the Bio-Med Science Academy, a year-round public high school, is bringing opportunity to rural students who may be interested in pursuing careers in science and medicine.

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Minnesota elementary school turns up the STEAM

In September, Glacier Hills Elementary School (Eagan, Minn.), a science magnet school, will open a new laboratory that combines science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. The "STEAM room" will allow students to create objects using new tools, such as a 3D printer and laser etcher, when exploring scientific concepts.

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