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New Report Urges Compromise in Mathematics Curriculum

ST Math: Higher scores and lower frustration levels

MIND Research Institute’s ST Math program proves successful for students and staff at Florida elementary school

Minding Math

A special report from MIND Research Institute

New Ariz. High School Math Requirement Heightens Anxiety

Complex variables. Rational expressions. Quadratic equations.

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STEM Learning Studios Continue to Sprout

The National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future is expanding beyond Maryland.

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The Costs of Common Core

As school leaders across the nation prepare to implement the Common Core Standards in 2014, a new report proposes three options—with three costs—to use.

A beautiful marriage helps school thrive

ST Math changed how students learn math and put the school on the map. Part of Minding Math, a special report from MIND Research Institute.
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Texas Education Board Grapples with Loss of Power Over Textbooks

The Texas State Board of Education, long the gatekeeper to the enormous textbook market in Texas, has lost control over which materials enter public school classrooms.

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Department of Education Funds Four-Year Research Evaluation of Mathematics Online Tutoring System

SRI International, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and the University of Maine have received a $3.5 million award from the Institute of Education Sciences at the U.S. Department of Education to evaluate the effectiveness of an online tutoring system for mathematics homework.

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