Blended Learning: Emphasis on Learning

A successful blended learning implementation requires a focus on the ideal student learning path and effective professional development

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ST Math generates significant increase in student math skills and scores at Spring ISD

Conceptua Fractions

The Conceptua Fractions math curriculum consists of nine units organized into 144 lesson sequences designed around the Common Core standards. The program emphasizes skill building, class discussion, and application of math skills in real world investigations. Administrators can view progress reports at the school or district level or drill down to class and individual performance.

DreamBox Learning

This rigorous K5 online math curriculum can be tailored to specific students, and includes manipulative tools and game-like elements. DreamBox’s adaptive learning technology can analyze students’ answers and immediately adjust the lesson, creating a suitable pace for each student.

Ascend Math

This web program provides students throughout K12 with math tutorials and personalized learning plans, while giving teachers continuous feedback on performance. Ascend Math helps identify student skill gaps; prescribes individualized instruction; and motivates students through video instruction and interactive lessons.


Gizmos contains interactive online simulations for math and science education in grades 3 through 12. Gizmos is ideal for small group work, individual exploration, and whole-class instruction using an LCD projector or interactive whiteboard. Gizmos aligns with state curriculum standards, the Common Core standards, and more than 300 textbooks.

Beginning Reading & Math

These programs from Funnix include online resources, DVDs, lesson plans, and print materials. Funnix Math is designed for preschool or kindergarten children who don’t know math or lack counting skills. Funnix Reading helps non-readers reach a beginning third-grade level.

How to Successfully Transition to the Common Core for Math

Gathering the necessary resources and developing a solid plan is essential to implementing the Common Core