MathFileFolderGames Helps Middle-Schoolers Conquer Fractions

Other than perhaps the opposite gender, nothing so perplexes the middle school student than fractions! Ordering fractions from least to greatest may strike fear in their hearts, but give them a compare and ordering fractions game, and that fear is greatly diminished, as the students' skills improve.

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Math Map

Developed through a year-long collaborative process, this map reflects the collective effort of mathematics professors, teachers, and thought leaders, and illustrates the integration of mathematics and 21st-century skills.

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New Jersey Middle School Receives Education Technology Grant

West Milford's Macopin Middle School in North New Jersey was one of just nine schools to receive an award through Optimum Lightpath's $75,000 Transforming Education with Technology Grant program for 2012-2013.

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The Future of Personalized Learning in Elementary Schools

New technology advances personalized learning in elementary schools

Math Skills In Children Attributed To Motivation And Study Techniques -- Not IQ Score, Study Shows

Looks like Tiger Mom had it half-right: Motivation to work hard and good study techniques, not IQ, lead to better math skills, a new study shows.

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Mich. Elementary School Class Surprised with iPods as Part of Math Challenge

A class of Northwest Elementary School students thought they were dreaming Monday morning after each one was surprised with a fourth generation iPod Touch.

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Colo. District Aims to Avoid Controversy with New Math Materials

The Boulder Valley School District's last adoption of new elementary math materials was mired in controversy.

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ST Math: Impressing the littlest and the biggest judges

MIND Research Institute’s ST Math program allows young California charter school to raise test scores and improve teaching

“C” is for Conceptual Understanding