Middle School Mentoring

Closing Early Education Gaps for At-Risk Students

Dropout prevention programs at every level.

Maryland Middle School Starts New Peer Mediation Program

Joshua Grier, 12, of Upper Marlboro said he was upset that a former friend at Kettering Middle School had joined others in imitating him.

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How Important is Music Education in Schools?

Millions of children in schools enjoy music each day by singing a song during circle time, learning to play an instrument, or singing a part in a chorus. This month, musicians and music educators celebrate Music in Our Schools Month sponsored by the National Association for Music Education.

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6-Year Chicago High Schools to Open in Fall

Some Chicago students will leave their high schools equipped with a diploma, a degree and a promise of a job interview.

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The Ultimate Empowerment Program for Parents

Immigrant parents in Chicago set a precedent for other districts with at-risk children and hesitant administrators.
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Alumni Tutoring Effort Strives to Raise Diversity at Elite Public Schools

On a Saturday morning in August, Philip Cleary stood in a white, fluorescent-lit classroom in Washington Heights, facing a dozen sleepy seventh graders he and others are training to pass an entrance exam for the city’s seven specialized high schools.

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A Small Community’s Innovative Curriculum Coaches

Lizzy Kloiber, secondary curriculum director of Celina (Texas) Independent School District knew the district needed coaches, and was determined to find a way to pay for them.

Retaining Librarians through Mentoring

With districts facing budget concerns nationwide, library media programs and staffing are limited.

Back to School for Retired Baby Boomers

The Tennessee Department of Education has achieved outstanding success with its Exemplary Educators program.