How much should you spend to build an app?

A well executed mobile app idea can boost student/teacher engagement and be a beneficial tool for your district. Whether you're saving your pennies or you've got money to burn, doing your app homework first will ensure that you don't waste money or time.

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N.J. schools ask students to bring their own tech

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when bringing a cellphone or other hand-held digital device to school could earn a kid detention or a visit to the principal's office.

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Delivering cellular services on large campuses

As districts across the U.S. struggle with growing bandwidth issues caused by 1-to-1 implementation, BYOD, online testing and more, this case study of how Yale University made mobile access easy campuswide should provide some helpful advice.

Living and learning with mobile devices

This report highlights the perceptions of parents of a mobile generation, from preschoolers through high school-age students. Given schools’ increasing interest in engaging students with mobile learning—during and beyond the school day—and in “bring your own device” (BYOD) models, parents more than ever could be key partners in contributing to this new frontier in learning.

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Parents press for mobile tech in education

A new study of how parents perceive mobile learning and devices finds that many want schools to accelerate their use of mobile devices in the classroom. The AT&T-funded report found that more than 50 percent of parents believe that schools should make more use of mobile devices in education, while nearly a third (32 percent) said schools should require mobile devices in the classroom.

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Fast Fact

Parents want schools to take better advantage of mobile

A new survey from the Learning First Alliance and Grunwald Associates suggests that parents whose children are required to use portable or mobile devices in school are more likely to see the educational value in such devices as a result of their first-hand experience.

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Big District Wi-Fi Technology for Small and Medium-Sized Districts

Even small districts with limited budgets and staff can be high tech with the latest Wi-Fi technology

ASCD Introduces New Conference App, Offers Support for First-Time Attendees

Attendees at ASCD's 2013 Annual Conference and Exhibit Show, held March 16–18, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Ill., will be able to improve their conference and professional development experience by downloading a new ASCD app that puts important conference information at their fingertips.

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A Blueprint for Setting Up a Winning Texting Strategy

Located on the North Carolina border in eastern Tennessee, the rural Blount County school system, which has 20,000 students and four major high schools, was looking for a better way to get information about specific safety issues to its socioeconomically diverse population. Here's their success story.