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2012 Horizon Project Preview: Everybody's Talking About It

This "Short List" of emerging technologies, trends, and challenges reveals the thought process behind what will make the final full Horizon Report.

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Release Date: For Microsoft, It's All About Mobile

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview launch is slated for February 29, but much more important than the date is the location -- the annual Mobile World Congress, the year's big show about mobile technology.

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Senseye Activates Mobile Devices With Just One Look

Imagine scrolling through Web pages hands-free. Doctorate students at IT University in Copenhagen may have found a way to do this.

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Mobile Learning Programs Move Forward

In June 2010, we reported on a few mobile pioneering districts. We checked back with them to see where they are today.

Student Engagement Soars with Smartphones

Smartphones have moved quickly from banned to embraced in K12 schools.

Going Mobile: Stop the Technology Bashing!

Stop repeating the reasons for the bashing.

The 10 Barriers to Technology Adoption

Technology will absolutely change K12 learning.

BYOD as the Catalyst to Transform Classroom

After billions of dollars spent, the impact on student achievement of computer use in K12 has been essentially zero.

Should Districts Require Student-Owned Devices?

Learning in the Age of Mobilism

The United States risks falling behind countries like Korea in this new era.