Innovative strategies for ensuring device equity

School officials wondering what to do for students who lack their own notebook computers, smartphones, or tablets can acquire extra devices with a little bit of ingenuity.

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Success Made in the Digital Learning Environment in Georgia District

You may have heard that we recently distributed 6,000 netbooks—or lightweight laptops—to our students, at an approximate ratio of one netbook for every two students. That in and of itself is pretty incredible and made possible by the generosity of our community through SPLOST technology funds.

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Can Refurbished Computers Do the Job?

How Much Computing Power Do You Need?

A Web-based computing environment means fewer hardware purchases and a tremendous cost savings.

E-rate Goes Mobile

The FCC launches pilot program, "Learning On-the-Go"

A Bright Future in K12 for e-Book Readers

A guide to one segment of education technology

Product Focus

Achieving one to one with netbooks.

'Doodle 4 Google' contest leads to a tech win for Missouri district

A Netbook for Every Student

Affordable and portable—but do they get the job done?

Cloud-Bound Tools

Some district management technology tools headed into the cloud.