More free, healthy meals in Baltimore schools

Federal program allows schools with high poverty rates to replace traditional, tiered-price meal programs

Nutrislice Menus

With this software, users can create school breakfast and lunch menus for iPhones, Android, desktops, laptops, tablets and PDF printing. The menus include photos and nutritional and ingredient information. Parents can filter menu choices by allergen and other dietary needs.

Des Moines schools save money with more free meals

Meals at 35 schools and three preschools will be completely covered by U.S. Department of Agriculture

New menus spice up school lunches

Local specialities among the tasty dishes spicing up school cafeterias

Competitive food options become healthier

With concerns rising about obesity and other health issues, there has been a push for healthier snacks

Schools face nutrition crunch

Federal healthy meals regulations present challenges, promise for district food programs

New rules restrict junk food from schools

Smart Snacks in School rules go into effect July 1

Urban schools team up to serve greener, healthier lunches

Big districts banding together to buy biodegradable trays made of sugar cane

Business of: School vending machines

Maximize profits with favorable contracts, new technology, and healthier products

Children’s nutrition is a school-parent collaboration

Administrators can drive the change to healthy eating.