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Michigan House OKs More Cyber Charters

The Michigan House today narrowly approved a controversial bill that would expand the number of cyber charter schools in Michigan – bill that was strongly opposed by the traditional K-12 education establishment.

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McGraw-Hill Ed Meets with Ed and Political Leaders to Advance Digital Learning

Last week, officials from the Department of Education and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) brought together leaders from the digital education industry to formulate a unified strategy for moving America's K-12 classrooms into the digital age.

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Social Learning Networks for K12 Education

Dozens of social learning networks have been created specifically for education to emphasize 21st century skills, project-based learning and collaboration.
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Colo. Lawmakers Want More Oversight for Online Schools

Colorado’s online schools have shown disappointing results.

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School Reform Changes Disappoint Iowa Governor

Gov. Terry Branstad on Tuesday expressed disappointment that lawmakers have “watered down” the wide-ranging education reform proposal he introduced last month.

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Small district makes big gains with online curriculum, support

A+ Anywhere Learning System by K12 helps Ohio school meet and exceed state standards after period of struggle

The changing face of online learning: Offering options in a growing district

K12-supported virtual school eases burden on burgeoning classrooms

The changing face of online learning: Keeping all students on pace

A+ Anywhere Learning System by K12 reverses the academic impact of high mobility rate in Tennessee district

The changing face of online learning: Transitioning to success

Avental Learning by K12 helps new residents, troubled students get back on track

The changing face of online learning: Connecting Locally

K12 allows students to learn via Internet while staying connected with classmates during field trips and school-based activities