'White Privilege' Lesson In Wisconsin Classroom Draws Ire

A Wisconsin high school is under fire after a parent accused a diversity class of promoting a critical race theory, alleging that students are being taught that minorities are disadvantaged by white oppressors, Fox News reports.

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Should Schools Write Off Penmanship?

Many school systems in this country no longer teach penmanship, especially cursive writing.

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4G Bridges the Digital Divide in Rural Areas

President Obama hopes to bring high-speed wireless Internet to all rural areas in the next five years.

Climate Change Is the New Evolution Debate

The decision to include this discussion in the curriculum and how to tackle it has been largely left to states and individual districts.

New Schools, Please: Mercer Island Citizens Speak in Support of Rebuilding Campaign

Mercer Island needs new schools, say a group of community members, and the time to build them is now.

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Are Northwest Schools Ready for an Imminent Earthquake?

In Oregon alone, at least 300,000 children attend school buildings that are vulnerable to a collapse.