Florida Schools Consider Shift in Elementary P.E. Schedules

More elementary schools in Pinellas County could be cutting back on physical education classes next school year to make sure students and teachers get more out of class time.

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Iowa 1st Graders Use Yoga to Get Calm, Focus

Research shows that yoga can help young children learn skills such as focus, relaxation and self-control.

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Many Ohio Schools Soon Will Let Some Kids Skip Gym

By next school year, most districts in Franklin County will let students bypass gym class if they play a sport or participate in marching band or cheerleading.

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Yoga Programs in Calif. Schools Face Backlash

Public school yoga instructor Katie Campbell proudly looks out at 23 first graders as they contain their squirming in a kid-friendly version of the lotus position.

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Risk of Drowning in Your School Pool

What safety procedures does your school have in place?