Anxious Chicago Public Schools parents, push for change

Principals are scrambling to shape plans under a new school-based budgeting system that hands them more power to set educational priorities but, in many schools, less money to fulfill them.

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School districts reform pensions to cut costs

School districts grapple with looming fiscal crisis

For decades, public workers, including teachers, have been promised pensions and health care benefits when they retire. As more baby boomers do so, states are starting to pay out – and coming to grips with the fact that they’ve negotiated themselves into a fiscal crisis.

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Chicago Public Schools new pension headache

After Illinois lawmakers rejected a plan for Chicago Public Schools to delay pension payments, the District’s budget problems may have gone from bad to worse.

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Risking Teacher Nest Eggs

Financially-troubled pension systems require change.

Back in the Game

Longtime administrator Attila J. Weninger emerges from retirement to turn around an ailing district.

N.J. Education Chief Can Impose Salary Caps

A state appellate panel today said Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf has the authority to impose salary caps on New Jersey’s school superintendents, dealing Gov. Chris Christie’s administration another win over the battle to hold down school spending.

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Chicago School Strike Over, Many Other Challenges Await Emanuel

As Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual pushes ahead on his promise to reform the city’s underperforming classrooms, he faces several daunting tasks: slashing an estimated $1 billion budget deficit, confronting a woefully underfunded employee pension system and finding money for the pay raises that settled the first teacher walkout in a generation. He hasn’t ruled out school closings and tax increases, both of which would be hugely unpopular.

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Are Bankrupt Cities Foreshadowing the Future of Schools?

Superintendents fear they may face the same fate as faltering U.S. cities and declare bankruptcy.
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School Districts Brace for Pension Crisis

In five years, pension contributions for area school districts are projected to increase by $172.9 million.

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