prevention programs

City Connects to Students

Boston Public Schools is seeing the results of City Connects (CCNX)—its intervention, prevention and enrichment program that works with teachers to pair students with community-based services.

Helping Districts Recover From Tragedy

In December, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools gave $50,000 each to three districts recovering from multiple student suicides.

School Safety Gets The Ax

Districts are struggling to maintain safety and security when budgets are cut.

Get-Tough Policies Put Students on Path Toward Prison

Undue punitive policies are driving students down a path toward prison, according to a study from the Advancement Project.

Teen’s Death Unbuckles Debates over Seat Belts

Conn. lawmaker vows to pursue legislation mandating that seat belts be installed in school buses following the tragic death of a teenager.

LGBT Students Need Support at School

Homophobia in districts is widespread—and can have tragic results.

Recommended reading for district leaders

Helpful books

Stopping MRSA

Consistent simple procedures can keep this communicable disease at bay.

Suicide Prevention and Schools

Prevention programs must receive the endorsement of administrators and boards of education.