Ex-Staten Islander 'Elected' to Run Tenn. Charter

Voted as one of Forbes Magazine's 2012 "30 under 30," Ravi Gupta made an early entry into politics, but decided to pursue his goal of making changes in education by launching a charter school in Nashville.

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Ind. Board Selects New Principal

Lori Pavell has been named Lowell High School Principal effective July 1.

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Colorado District Takes Up Arms While Gun Debate Rages in Denver

A tiny school district in southeast Colorado — too small to afford an armed security guard and too far from the nearest town for deputies to respond quickly to an emergency — is the first to announce that its principal and superintendent will soon carry weapons to school.

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Embattled Texas High School Gets New Principal

A new principal will take the reins of a West Texas high school that's mired in a cheating scandal, which landed the superintendent in jail and put the school district on probation.

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Questions Surround Maine Principal’s Surprise Resignation

Parents and school staff said they were shocked by the resignation submitted Feb. 8 by high school Principal James Holland. Holland was hired before the 2011 school year, and expressed excitement at the time about leading the school while it was being renovated and expanded. He did not return phone calls this week seeking comment about his decision to resign June 30.

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Minn. Schools Avoid Saying, ‘Go See the Principal’

State education officials are training teachers to better help students understand how to behave in school and encouraging principals to come up with alternatives to suspension.

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Beth Benoit to be New Mass. Principal

Beth Benoit, who is an early childhood curriculum and assessment specialist for the Boston Public Schools, will become the principal of Davis School on July 1, according to Bedford Schools Superintendent Jon Sills.

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Duran Morgan Named Ohio Principal

Cadiz Harrison Hills Jr/Sr High School is under new leadership with Duran Morgan, who has stepped into the role of building principal.

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Priming Principal Pipelines

Most principals today are hard pressed to find time for the multitasking they are expected to do, from overseeing the daily operation of their schools and interacting with parents to evaluating teachers and providing them with professional development to do their jobs at a high level.

ASCD 68th Annual Conference & Exhibition Show

March 16-18, 2013

Chicago, Illinois

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