Pa. Principal Resigns, Accepts New Position

Marple Newtown Superintendent of Schools Merle Horowitz recently announced the resignation of Marple Newtown High School Principal Ray McFall.

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Orange County Councilman: Let Teachers Carry Guns

Derek Reeve, a San Juan Capistrano city councilman, has asked his local school district to allow teachers to carry guns in classrooms to protect their students. According to a letter obtained by The Capistrano Dispatch, Councilman Reeve said, "efforts must be taken to empower teachers, staff and parents to protect our children." The letter, dated Thursday, then suggests training teachers and staff for "active-shooter scenarios" and allowing school staff, teachers and parents to carry guns on school grounds to protect children in such situations.

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Retired Sandy Hook Principal Will Return to Her Old Job

Donna Page, the retired principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School, will return to her former post when the school reopens, her husband confirmed Tuesday night.

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AFSA Calls on Obama to Create School Safety Task Force

A national task force on school safety should be the first policy step of the Obama Administration in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary according to a school principals’ union that sent a letter to the White House today urging immediate action.

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Two Educators Went the Extra Mile for Students

One dressed up in goofy costumes to make her students smile.

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Calif. Principal Put Struggling School on New Path

Maria Lewis spends much of her day on bent knee.

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Detroit School Draws Criticism After Disciplining Students by Not Serving Lunch

Lunch was not on the menu this week for some students at a Detroit school after a food fight led officials to what some called cruel and unusual discipline.

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‘It’s Personal:’ One Principal’s Fight to Save a Flooded Coney Island School (NY)

In a first-floor office at Liberation Diploma Plus, a high school just three blocks from Coney Island’s famous beach, a pile of SAT study books bulge with filthy water.

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Squabble Over School Newspaper Ad Content

A First Amendment squabble is brewing in California over high school newspaper and yearbook advertising content. The school board gave the superintendent the right to prohibit political campaigning and religious symbols in ads.

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