Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products

K12 leaders pick favorite products

DA presents its annual Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products

Brightlink Interactive Projectors

The suite of BrightLink projectors can be used on whiteboards, walls or other light-colored surfaces. Two users can interact with models simultaneously. Built-in annotation technology allows teachers and students to interact with a projected image from various devices, including PCs, tablets, Blu-ray players, VCRs and document cameras.

Infinite Campus

The Infinite Campus system is used by 2,000 districts, serving 6.5 million students across 42 states. Infinite Campus includes LMS, and manages special ed, messaging, food service, finance, HR and data analysis all in one seamless system. Its web and mobile-device interfaces promote collaboration among administrators, teachers, parents, students and other education stakeholders.


Aligned to the Common Core, StudySync comprises web-based reading, writing and critical thinking lessons. StudySync also provides educators with teacher-created writing prompts and assessment rubrics. It includes online access to hundreds of classic and contemporary texts—both fiction and nonfiction.


With this web-based platform, teachers can bring a variety of industry professionals, from a chef to a scientist, into the classroom to speak to students. Teachers make requests through Nepris, which automatically matches the skills of professionals to curriculum topic and other activities.


Built by teachers to motivate readers, this literacy software offers more than 80,000 fiction and nonfiction texts. LightSail embeds Common Core-aligned assessments in each text, allowing educators to monitor students’ daily progress. As students gain in reading level, LightSail adapts their materials, moving readers up a staircase of text complexity and ensuring they read within their zones of proximal development.

APEX Learning Digital Curriculum

This digital curriculum aims to remove academic barriers by delivering a personalized learning experience that gives each student the support they need to excel. Each APEX lesson includes multiple opportunities for students to explore, apply, practice and confirm their skills through an active learning approach.

Net Equalizer

Available in a range of configurations—from 20Mbps up to 5Gbps—these bandwidth-shaping appliances from APConnections are designed for voice and data networks. NetEqualizer’s built-in, rules-based application-level technology dynamically controls traffic-based on current network usage.

ParentLink Mobile App

The ParentLink mobile app gives the school community a personalized window into what is happening in class. With this app, educators can post grades, assignments and attendance reports along with news, events and announcements. ParentLink also offers emergency messaging, custom messages, language translation and survey features.

One Call Now

This software allows schools to quickly send alerts and announcements to parents, teachers and staff by phone, text message or email. The system includes 30 pre-recorded and customizable messages translated into 11 languages. Typed messages can be instantly translated into one of 52 languages.