Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products

Registration Gateway

This paperless solution simplifies and automates student registration, enrollment and information tracking. Supporting documents, such as birth certificates and driver’s licenses, are scanned directly into the student’s digital folder. Reminders for parents to supply missing information are automatically distributed. It also integrates with PowerSchool and other major SIS systems.

LanSchool Software

LanSchool is an online classroom management program that allows teachers to share their screens with students and block learning distractions such as the internet, email and games. Distance-teaching capabilities allow students to connect to the cloud network from their own devices. It also works with Stoneware’s iOS Teacher Assistant, iOS Student and Android Student applications. It supports PCs, Macs, Linux and Thin Clients.

Discovery Education Streaming

This cross-curricular resource provides teachers and students access to a library of more than 112,000 standards-aligned digital resources that address multiple learning styles. Resources include instructional videos, games, audio files, images, writing prompts and encyclopedia articles.

SoftChalk Cloud

Educators and instructional designers can use SoftChalk Cloud to create engaging, media-rich learning content that is portable and flexible. SoftChalk integrates with most learning management systems and includes features such as a learning object repository, content authoring and hosting.


Many schools require students to work with local nonprofits. The x2VOL tracking and reporting platform provides students with an online and mobile way to track and report service hours. Service records are authenticated and verified for each student and can be attached to their college applications, scholarship applications or resumes.

Bluesocket Suite

Ideal for educational institutions, this suite of innovative wireless LAN solutions brings the power of network virtualization to wireless. Bluesocket deploys scalable, secure and reliable wireless LANs to meet the demand for always-on access. The suite includes access points, hardware-based controllers and vWLAN.

Naiku Formative Assessments

This assessment solution provides school- and district-level reporting for assessments. It syncs with student information systems on a nightly basis, automating setup and maintenance of student and staff accounts and class rosters. Educators can use Naiku to create, import and share common assessments that are aligned to district curriculum and standards.


Educators can customize LearnZillion’s Common Core-aligned math curriculum and close reading/writing program. Math activities include practice sets based on skill level, guiding questions and a formative assessment. Students learn language arts skills through written, oral and interactive lessons.

Alert Solutions

Alert Solutions can send notifications to parents via phone, email or text message. The communication suite also includes Speak Up!, an anonymous two-way communication platform that can be used to report bullying and to manage event safety. It also includes an automated reports module and a parent portal.

PLEx Life Science

Based on Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core, PLEx Life Science contains four game-based curriculum units and two enrichment games. These games for grades 5–9 focus on subjects such as cell functions and processes; heredity and genetics; plant functions and processes; and inheritance, unity and diversity.