Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products

i-Ready Reading & Math

Built for the Common Core, this program combines valid and reliable student growth measure and individualized instruction in a single online product. For reading and mathematics classes, i-Ready pinpoints student needs down to the sub-skill level, and its ongoing progress monitoring reveals if students are on track to achieve end-of-year targets.


Swivl is a robotic mobile accessory and comes with an app that teachers can use to improve their video performance skills by recording themselves digitally. By attaching an Apple or Android mobile device to Swivl, teachers can capture their own lessons, lectures and presentations on camera.

InviteRight SchoolTools

District financial officers and school staff can use InviteRight SchoolTools for paperless registration, online ticketing and cashless fee collection for activities like back-to-school registration and graduation. Other features include integration with student information systems, one-click reporting, an interactive seating map and automatic email reminders.

Benchmark Literacy

Instructors can use this assessment-driven literacy curriculum to teach a whole class, small groups or individual students. Aligned to the Common Core, Benchmark Literacy includes lessons and hands-on tools that provide systematic English-language instruction.


Part of the PLUS 360 suite, eSchoolPLUS is a student information management system for K12 schools. Educators can manage day-to-day student administration, monitor student performance and facilitate communications between district staff, parents and students. eSchoolPLUS also keeps parents more informed about their child’s grades, attendance, assignments and discipline information.

Read Well

This reading curriculum adjusts to the needs of each student and builds the foundation necessary for sustained reading success. Students are assessed and placed into the small group that matches their skill levels. Ongoing assessment and progress monitoring inform instruction. Daily instruction in phonics, vocabulary and comprehension builds the foundation that is necessary for students to become lifelong readers.

Study Island

Comprised of interactive lessons and activities, Study Island is a standards mastery and test preparation program built to assess each state’s standards, as well as Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. It offers real-time progress monitoring that identifies student strengths and weaknesses. Its mobile-optimized content can be used on Apple or Android devices.

Skyward School Management System

The Skyward Management Suite allows teachers, administrators and parents to follow students’ progress and use past data for ongoing analysis. Teachers can grade assignments from anywhere and manage attendance, schedules and discipline from one central location. Automated reports on student progress can be emailed to teachers and staff.

LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk

A hand lever on the LearnFit allows students to change the height of their desktops so they can work and collaborate standing or sitting—whichever is more natural to them. LearnFit also can be moved easily on its rollers to reconfigure classrooms for small-group breakouts. It can hold up to 15 pounds of laptops or other equipment.


This math and science robotics kit comes with four robots and lesson plans for teachers. It also comes with a tablet loaded with interactive lessons, quizzes and an instructional video that show students how math is relevant to their world. The lesson plans are aligned with mandated Common Core, TEKS and STAAR standards for middle and high school.