Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products


This web-based tool lets educators create fun, interactive, visually-supported lesson plans for children with autism and other learning challenges. VizZle provides templates and thousands of images, videos, and audio clips. Teachers also can choose from thousands of pre-made lessons.

Wowzers Math

Wowzers Math uses games and collaboration to engage students in grades 3 through 8 in learning. Wowzers Math includes online math assessments, learning activities, interactions, and manipulatives assessments. The curriculum covers all state standards, including the Common Core.

Conceptua Fractions

The Conceptua Fractions math curriculum consists of nine units organized into 144 lesson sequences designed around the Common Core standards. The program emphasizes skill building, class discussion, and application of math skills in real world investigations. Administrators can view progress reports at the school or district level or drill down to class and individual performance.


This web-hosting provider and LMS platform streamlines the publishing of content to school websites and mobile sites. Teachers also have access to classroom management tools, including page templates for digital courses, a homework dropbox, and a lesson planner. SharpSchool can also integrate with third-party apps, such as Google Apps for Education.


MimioTeach transforms traditional dry-erase boards into interactive whiteboards. Because MimioTeach is lightweight and portable, it can be moved between classrooms. Using the MimioPad tablet, teachers can control their interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom.

UniFi Wi-Fi

The Unifi Wi-Fi system is designed to be easily deployed and managed at any size campus. Administrators can select the Wi-Fi hardware to install inside and outside of district buildings. UniFi can be controlled on PC or Mac, or by Linux software, and can be used as a private or a public cloud service.


This service provides online check payment and credit card processing for food and after-school activities in public schools. With customizable reporting, CHECKredi can be used to consolidate and reconcile returned checks. It also provides other payment solutions through ACH (automated clearinghouse) processing and online credit card payments and approvals.

WriteSteps Writing

This Common Core K5 writing program fuses best practices in writing pedagogy into a comprehensive program that gives teachers and students everything they need to develop a curriculum. WriteSteps includes daily lesson plans, demonstration videos, writing samples, and Common Core rubrics.

TeacherMate System

Designed for iPads, iPod Touches, and MP3 players, the TeacherMate program allows teachers to control all aspects of beginning reading instruction through games and interactive audiobooks. Teachers can customize each student’s learning plan and follow each student’s progress. They can also control the mobile devices when teaching in small groups.

Brightlink Projectors

BrightLink projectors can be used on whiteboards, walls, or other light-colored surfaces. Two users can interact with models simultaneously. Built-in annotation technology allows teachers and students to interact with a projected image from various devices, including PCs, tablets, Blu-ray players, VCRs, and document cameras.