Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products


This weekly online discussion program for grades 3–12 is focused on national and international current events. Every issue contains two components: a discussion guide and images that go along with each story. Teachers can use the program to encourage students to talk and think about important issues.


With the onTRAC Longitudinal Data System, district administrators can monitor and comply with state and federal reporting requirements. It can provide a side-by-side comparison of school, teacher and student performance. Users can also track effectiveness of formative assessments, and identify and execute strategies to support professional growth in school leadership.


This comprehensive online learning environment delivers robust core and elective courses to public and charter school students in K12. It includes enrollment, customization and monitoring tools for teachers, as well as lessons, assessments and instructional resources.

Crossing Enhancer

Bus drivers wear this product over their hands to let students know when it’s safe to cross the street in front of the bus. Designed by a professional school bus driver, the STEFFI Crossing Enhancer is bright yellow with a reflective arrow through the center, increasing visibility through window reflection and sun glare.

BrightBytes Clarity Platform

This analytics platform creates evidence-based frameworks that help educational leaders make better decisions for students. It measures the impact of federal and states programs. Using school- and student-specific triggers, Clarity can alert educators to intervene when students are at risk of falling behind

XpressConnect Enrollment System

XpressConnect ES provides a scalable, standards-based security solution that reduces management demands—even as the number and diversity of mobile devices requiring varied levels of access to the network skyrockets. It also protects a district’s network from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks attempting to steal, corrupt or destroy data.

Destiny Library Manager

This browser-based software provides access to enriched, educator-reviewed digital content and tools that help students, librarians and educators find, share and use print and digital resources. Destiny Library Manager can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It can also be integrated with a school’s student information system.

Mobile Device Management

Used for BYOD or 1-to-1 initiatives, FileWave’s all-in-one scalable software helps IT administrators manage a growing population of mobile devices, users and content. It supports both desktop and mobile devices across Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.


Administrators can use this web-based tool to observe and sustain effective instructional practice and classroom culture. Using an observation template on any laptop or tablet, data is collected during an evaluation and can be shared with teachers and other administrators via email. observe4success identifies trends by storing, sorting and analyzing data by teacher, grade level, department and school.


Such intervention software is designed to help districts reduce truancy and excessive absences. It allows administrators to track and analyze absence patterns, and compare the data to historical trends. A2A can turn this data into actionable reports, highlighting the areas that help district administrators address attendance concerns and increase parent involvement.