Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products

Nutrislice Menus

With this software, users can create school breakfast and lunch menus for iPhones, Android, desktops, laptops, tablets and PDF printing. The menus include photos and nutritional and ingredient information. Parents can filter menu choices by allergen and other dietary needs.

EmployeeSafe Suite

This comprehensive package of resources and customizable tools can be used to implement, manage and sustain staff safety and regulatory compliance programs. Fully automated and mobile, EmployeeSafe ensures that an administrator’s safety program is on task by managing, notifying, tracking, and documenting required safety tasks.

eStar Series

The eSTAR suite of applications delivers information management solutions for K12 districts and charters. ESPED’s cloud-based applications for student documents and engineered analytical tools are affording teachers time with their students and paving the road for data-driven decisions in schools across the nation.

Summit Switches, X460 Series

This hardware solution works with school networks that have IEEE 802.3at PoE-plus and can also serve as aggregation switches for traditional enterprise networks. The Summit X460 series is also an option for DSLAM or CMTS aggregation, or for active Ethernet access. It can also be used as a top-of-rack switch for many data center environments.


Designed to handle K12 BYOD and 1-to-1 initiatives, OmnID is an identity management solution that provides single sign-on to a district’s web portal and configures to student information systems. It assigns web privileges and moves users to their appropriate location depending on rules defined by administrators.


Made for K12, netTrekker’s digital learning resource library includes 360,000-plus curated digital resources that are tagged, organized, and aligned to various academic standards. Teachers, students and parents can find just what they need, in just one place. The library is maintained and updated to optimize a district’s investment.

OnCourse Systems for Education

A lesson planner, a curriculum builder and student stats are only a few of the many customizable tools that a district can build into the OnCourse system. Other features include a special education suite, a student information system and a discipline tracker. OnCourse is scalable and can be built for a district of any size.


Created in conjunction with Rice University, STEMscopes is a comprehensive and hands-on K12 science curriculum that serves more than 1.4 million students online. It provides numerous intervention and acceleration activities as well as teacher support resources. These activities can be delivered in customizable ways that can be adapted to unique teaching and learning styles.

CASE Assessments

Teachers preparing for state testing can give benchmark assessments and get students’ scores back within 48 hours. Teachers can then identify what skills need to be reinforced. CASE Assessments provide pre-made and custom assessments that can be given at six- or nine-week intervals.


Accessible from any device, LaunchPad is ideal for BYOD and 1-to-1 initiatives in schools. Its personalized cloud desktop gives students and teachers access to school from anywhere with any PC, Mac or Android device. LaunchPad includes a homework dropbox, calendar and other collaboration tools, and allows users to access popular education applications.