Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products

Content Management System

This management software powers customizable websites and webpages districtwide. With eSchoolView, administrators can also publish blogs, podcasts, surveys, streaming video and photo galleries. The quick-edit feature allows users to edit the contents of a webpage directly on the desktop, with the same login credentials as the CMS.


This core science solution offers differentiated online instruction, combining the expertise of Achieve3000 and National Geographic Learning. By making science accessible to all learners, eScience is designed to help meet STEM objectives to move U.S. students to the top in science achievement over the next decade. eScience3000 can fulfill all district requirements for core science programs.


Administrators can use this web-browser tool or native iPad app to conduct classroom observations, foster collaboration between teacher and evaluator, and identify professional development opportunities. TeachPoint is forms- and process-agnostic, allowing users to build all approved forms into its system.


BuildYourOwnCurriculum allows teachers to create, share, use, assess and continuously improve curriculum. Administrators can analyze curriculum to make improvements. Students can see the standards they are expected to master, get assignments and retrieve the resources they need to complete their work.

Performance Matters ADMS

With this comprehensive assessment and data management system’s Student Assessment Module System, teachers and administrators can select from a broad range of tests or item banks for student assessments. They can then administer the assessments online or via plain paper scanning. The ADMS also provides nearly 100 interactive reports and dashboards to monitor student achievement.

Study Buddy

The Study Buddy handheld, personalized learning device is commonly used in before- and after-school programs. It’s also ideal for ELL and RTI programs. It has a 5-inch touch screen and a USB connection for exporting data. Software cartridges provide various lessons in English, Spanish, math, reading, writing and vocabulary. The new Study Buddy Gradebook program allows scores to be imported to a teacher’s computer to print report cards.


The school email system is designed to improve how students communicate with teachers. It includes tools like shared calendars, assignment dropboxes, discussion boards, blogs, online document editing, safe SMS texting and filtered YouTube access. Gaggle also offers online file storage that is accessible from home and school. Gaggle’s Human Monitoring Service (HMS) finds inappropriate words and images in student email, text messages, discussion boards, email attachments and computer files, sending warnings to administrators and law enforcement.


This paperless solution uses cloud-based technology to give school boards and other governing bodies electronic options for processing various documents, including agendas and policies. This eliminates the need to assemble, print, distribute and revise board packets.

Reboot Restore Rx

This software helps maintain PCs in public-access computing environments such as classrooms, computer labs, kiosks, internet cafes and libraries. Every time PCs are restarted, Reboot Restore Rx automatically erases the previous users’ data, configuring the workstations for the next user.

Anonymous Alerts

Students can report sensitive issues — such as bullying, drug abuse and depression — to school administrators or counselors via the Anonymous Alerts mobile app or web link. Administrators receive messages on their phone and email, establishing an anonymous two-way conversation about an incident. The Anonymous Alerts mobile app is available at the Apple Store and the Google Play store for Android.