New Orleans’ schools unite to ease dropout rate

Orleans Parish School Board and the Recovery School District will share facilities and citywide educational services

Leading a school district turnaround in Massachusetts

Pia Durkin’s urban ed experience and special ed skills move mountains

Technology adoption by lower-income populations

About one-third of people making $20,000 or less are not online. This and other results—including internet usage, broadband adoption, and the impact of mobile connectivity among lower-income populations—are discussed in a PowerPoint presentation by Aaron Smith, senior researcher at the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project.

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The most important back-to-school issue in Detroit

Oakland County Schools Superintendent, Vickie Markavitch, talks about the most critical issue facing education in Michigan and how it can be solved.

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10 essential tips for meeting the tech needs of low-income schools

Educators who work in low-income schools know that technology could help them understand student needs better and create more engaging learning experiences. But tight budgets make some of the more ambitious schemes, like 1-to-1 computer access, a distant dream. Yet it's precisely the schools with under-served populations that have the most to gain from technology.

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A school driven by phys ed

Instead of cutting back on phys ed classes, Urban Dove Team Charter School in New York is using sports as a hook to draw in at-risk students.

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Local school districts keeping tabs on 'digital divide'

To help reduce the digital divide for poor communities, many internet providers around the U.S. offer reduced rates on internet service to families with a child on the free or reduced-price lunch program. Comcast's Internet Essentials is one such program.

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Success Academy 'zero tolerance' disciplinary policy comes under fire

Success Academy, the charter school chain that boasts sky-high student scores on annual state tests, has for years used a “zero tolerance” disciplinary policy to suspend, push out, discharge, or demote the very pupils who might lower those scores—children with special needs or behavior problems.

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Lessons learned from post-Katrina education reform

A Q&A with Sara Carr.

Superintendent moves from good to great in Tennessee

By setting a clear vision, Superintendent Jim McIntyre has made his mark at Knox County Schools