‘Hit List’ and Racist Graffiti Stun California High School

A reward was being offered as the investigation continued Thursday into racist graffiti targeting African-American students at Agoura High School in Agoura Hills, Calif.

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New Report Cards for Safer Schools

A Compassionate Curriculum

One Connecticut teacher’s mission to instill empathy and love in today’s children.

Sandy Hook Elementary School: Six Months Later

A conversation with Newtown Superintendent Janet Robinson on the tragedy of December 14, 2012, and the continual healing process.

Illinois May Require School Shooting-Incident Drills

With Illinois close to making shooting-incident drills mandatory in all public and private schools, some parents and officials say a proposed new law would require tough decisions on how to balance a student's safety with a child's innocence.

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Newtown (Conn.) Residents Divided Over School Site

As word spread over the weekend that Sandy Hook Elementary School would be demolished, residents were split about whether building a new facility on the site of the old one was the best way for the community to move on.

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Hidden Threats to Young Athletes

Concussions are receiving attention nationwide, but death from a blow to the head is exceedingly rare. In contrast, a young athlete dies from a cardiac incident once every three days in the United States, researchers say.

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Disruptions in Syracuse Schools Spur Debate Over Discipline

Syracuse teachers say the level of disruption in their schools has ratcheted up this year and the district has not acted forcefully enough to bring order to their hallways and classrooms.

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Vermont High School Bringing Back Cameras in Wake of Newtown

For seven years, the video cameras sat in boxes gathering dust at Mount Mansfield Union High School. Now the same cameras that were yanked down from school hallways after parents and students complained are on the verge of going back up. What’s changed?

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Boston to Boost Scrutiny of School Workers’ Records

Boston Public Schools, in a push to beef up background checks on employees, will meet the requirements of a new state law mandating that all staff be fingerprinted, and will go a step further by scouring court documents to see if a string of “nonconvictions” is a sign of questionable character.

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