Official: No Bomb Found at Phoenix Elementary School After Threat

Longview Elementary School, at 12th Street and Indian School Road in Phoenix, Ariz., was evacuated after administrators received a phone call about a bomb threat on Thursday. Students were momentarily moved to Montecito Community School, which was closed down two years ago and is still maintained by Osborn School District.

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5 Effective Steps to Solving the Bullying Epidemic—and the Tools to Get You There

Real-time incident reporting tools can provide an opportunity for early intervention for bullied or suicidal students

Enhancing Visitor Management After Sandy Hook

Guns in Ind. Schools Likely to be Optional

Lawmakers are likely to scale back controversial legislation Tuesday that would have made Indiana the first state in the nation to require every public school to have an armed staff member or security guard.

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Texas School Safety Bill Approved by Senate Committee

School safety legislation that would provide crisis training for school employees who are authorized to carry concealed handguns on campus was approved Thursday by the Texas Senate Education Committee.

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Errors and Fake Evidence: Debunking the NRA School Safety Plan

The NRA is amping up the gun control debate a week before Congress plans to reconvene to consider gun legislation on the Senate floor. In a NRA-funded report outlined by former Republican Arkansas Congressman Asa Hutchinson, its main component recommended using federal money to place armed guards in every school in America, citing evidence that turned out to be distorted or false.

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Indiana School Gun Bill Raises Concerns

Legislation that would require at least one teacher, principal or other school staff member to carry a gun in every public or charter school in Indiana appears to be raising eyebrows at the highest levels. And while security experts, parents, and teachers acknowledge the need for security, questions about training remain a big issue.

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NRA Schools Report Suggests Training Staff in Weapons

The National Rifle Association's National School Shield project released a series of recommendations Tuesday it says will help keep schools safer, including a training program for teachers and other school staff who want to carry a firearm.

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Tenn. Lawmakers Could Require EpiPens in Schools

Kendra Tiedemann's 8-year-old son has been carrying an epinephrine injector with him since he was 3. But the Franklin mother says not all children may have the so-called EpiPen, a device designed to quickly treat serious allergic reactions.

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North Carolina Lawmakers Unveil School Safety Bill

A bipartisan group of state House lawmakers is backing an ambitious bill to improve school safety in North Carolina. House Bill 452 would spend $34 million over the next two years to improve emergency planning, crisis response and prevention in schools around the state.

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