Electronic privacy: Do schools have a role to play?

Changing technologies—and lax regulations—require extra steps to protect information

Product focus: Keeping schools safe with the right surveillance system

Equipment can keep a watchful eye over students and prevent the wrong people from entering

Chicago schools close Monday due to cold weather

Chicago Public Schools announced Sunday that schools will be closed Monday due to the extreme cold temperatures and high winds forecast for the area.

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Plan now to deal with medical emergencies in schools

Risk control expert offers tips and guidelines for school administrators

The role of planning in mitigating safety and security threats

Complete Campus Security Solution Visitor Management Software

Ident-A-Kid’s Complete Campus Security System (CCSS) is a free, visitor-management program that signs in and prints name badges for all visitors, and documents the lengths and reasons for their visits. Tardy and early-dismissal students also can be recorded. Its new messaging system, ParentAlert, can notify parents of any emergency.


This compilation of school safety tools includes training courses, procedures, and checklists for programs like accident management and compliance. School districts also can add their own tools and content. The management system needed to operate a district’s safety program is included.

Ann Arbor schools to consider banning dogs from district properties

Ann Arbor Public Schools officials are considering banning dogs and other pets from school property while class is in session after years of operating under an ambiguous policy.

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Obama administration funding cops in schools

Justice Department announces about $45 million in funding to create 356 new school resource officer positions, an idea not too far removed from an National Rifle Association proposal to make sure schools are protected by “good guys with guns.”

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Georgia school district considers arming officers with semi-automatic rifles

Some school officials in Gainesville want to arm their school resource officers with assault rifles, in addition to the sidearms they currently carry. Officials say the rifles would be stored in a safe for emergencies only.

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