Texas Tracks Students with Technology

At Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas, parents and civil rights activists are concerned over students’ privacy under a new “Student Locator Project,” which involves using “smart” ID cards to track students while on school property for attendance purposes. These IDs use radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to broadcast a radio signal, allowing school officials to know students’ precise location on campus at all times.

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Court Considers Requiring Giving Ky. Students Miranda Rights

The Kentucky Supreme Court is considering a case that would require school officials to read Miranda rights to students being questioned.

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W.Va. Schools Most Prepared for Disaster, Study Finds

West Virginia schools are better equipped to handle disasters like Hurricane Sandy than many other states, according to a national report.

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Replacing Lunch Money with Hand Scanners

Omaha School District Rejects Soldier Tribute

The Millard Public Schools district in Omaha has refused to display a traveling tribute to Nebraska's fallen soldiers at its schools, citing security and logistical concerns.

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No Usual Incidents at Md. Schools Targeted by Bomb Threat

Police presence was in evidence at five Harford County high schools Wednesday morning; however, no unusual incidents were reported in the wake of an earlier threats that a bomb had been planted in one of the schools.

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Enabling Districtwide Digital Citizenship Programs

Digital citizenship programs, focusing on safe and appropriate use of technology by students, have never been more important. In this web seminar, Mike Ribble, a consultant and author of Digital Citizenship in Schools, discussed the nine elements of digital citizenship; and Greg French, CIO of Woodford (Ky.) Schools, outlined the district's implementation. They were joined by Enterasys Director of Education Jonathan Kidwell and Director of Vertical Solutions Robert Nilsson.

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School Attended by Obama Daughters Evacuated after 'Suspicious' Call

The private academy where the Obama daughters go to school was evacuated Thursday, though the school says students and employees have since returned to class.

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Louisiana School Chiefs Worry about Bullying Rules

The president of the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents says a rewritten statewide ban on bullying is an "administrative nightmare" for public schools.

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Getting a Handle on Discipline in Lafayette (La.) Schools

The situation in Lafayette Parish schools isn't as bad as officials had initially reported — depending to which numbers you go by.

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